Extension .resx and .resw
Smartling identifier resx
Resources Microsoft Resx Resources

String Instructions

Smartling automatically captures RESX comments and makes them translator instructions.

<data name="resx_string6" xml:space="preserve">
   <value>resx string6 has a comment.</value>
   <comment>comment for manual resx string6 will appear as a Smartling translator instruction</comment>


Directive Format

<!-- smartling.[directive_name] = [value] -->

The inline directive must be a single directive on one line within its own comment block, and there should not be any inline trailing symbols after the directive.


Values:1. Custom regular expression (pcre)
2. NONE - disable custom placeholders
Description:Used to define a custom placeholder format for strings in the file. See Placeholders in Resource Files for more information.
<!-- smartling.placeholder_format_custom = \[.+?\] -->

Any characters surrounded by square brackets will be treated as a placeholder.


Values:int - Accepted values are 0-100
Description:Sets the percentage by which original strings are inflated when downloading pseudo translations. If this directive is not set, pseudo translations are 30 percent longer than the original strings.
<!-- smartling.pseudo_inflation = 80 -->

Downloaded pseudo translations will increase the length of original strings by 80 percent.


- (since Parser v3)
Values:translate OR notranslate
Description:Use this directive to enable or disable processing of translation strings in the file. You must turn translation back on after the strings you want to exclude.
<!-- smartling.sltrans = notranslate -->

Strings below this directive will be captured as strings but excluded from translation

<!-- smartling.sltrans = translate -->

Strings below this directive will be translated