Import Translations

POST or PUT - /files-api/v2/projects/{projectId}/locales/{localeId}/file/import


fileUri (required)

The Smartling URI for file that contains the original language strings already uploaded to Smartling.

fileType (required)

The type of file used for imports. Valid values are: ios, android, gettext, javaProperties, xml, json, yaml, and csv.

To allow translation imports, XML and JSON files must be uploaded with source_key_paths defined.

See details on valid directives for each type supported for importing in Supported File Types.

file (required)

The file on your local machine that contains the translated content

overwrite (optional)

Boolean indicating whether or not to overwrite existing translations.

translationState (required)

Value indicating the workflow state to import the translations into. Content will be imported into the language's default workflow.

  • PUBLISHED - The translated content is published.
  • POST_TRANSLATION - The translated content is imported into the first step after translation - if there are none, it will be published.

    "response": {
        "code": "SUCCESS",
        "data": {
            "wordCount": "[number]",
            "stringCount": "[number]",
            "translationImportErrors": [{
                "importKey": "[string]",
                "stringHashcode": "[string]",
                "contentFileId": "[number]",
                "messages": [
                    "[string]", "[string]"


Words imported.


Strings imported.


Key for an imported string affected by the error


The hashcode of a string affected by the error


The ID of the file affected by an error


Information about an import error