Download Original File

GET - /files-api/v2/projects/{projectId}/file

Downloads the original version of the requested file from Smartling.

It is important to check the HTTP response status code. If Smartling finds and returns the file normally, you will receive a 200 SUCCESS response. If you receive any other response status code than 200, the requested file will not be part of the response.

When you upload a UTF-16 character encoded file, then /file/get requests for that file will have a character encoding of UTF-16. All other uploaded files will return with a character encoding of UTF-8.

You can always use the content-type header in the response of a file/get request to determine the character encoding.


fileUri (required)

Value that uniquely identifies the downloaded file.


200 OK
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="fname.ext"
file contents

The filename is based on the fileUri associated with the requested file. In most cases, the filename is exactly the fileUri provided. The only exception to this is with .pot gettext files. When a .pot file is specified as the fileUri, Smartling returns a .po file.