Reset Cache

This v1 API method is scheduled for deprecation March 1, 2017. Where possible, use File API v2

If you have Static Cache enabled for your GDN site, you can use Smartling's API to trigger a refresh. As with all API requests, it requires an API Key and Project ID, available in the dashboard at Project Settings>API.


apiKey (required)

The API Key for your account. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

projectId (required)

The unique ID for your project. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

locale (required)

The locale code to reset cache for. For example: es-ES

You will find valid locales in your Smartling project's dashboard:

localizedDomain (required)

The localized domain to reset the cache for. You can find this on the static cache page in the dashboard:

urlPattern (required)

Glob-style pattern, used to reset cache for a particular URL or group of URLs. Use "\" to escape special characters. See examples for wildcard rules.


* - matches all URLs in the domain

/articles/* - Matches all URLs under [domain]/articles

/h?llo - matches "/hello", "/hallo", "/hxllo", etc.

/h[ae]llo - matches "/hallo" and "/hello" but not "/hxllo"

"status" : "SUCCESS",
"removedUrlsCount" : "[number]"


Operation SUCCESS or FAIL


Number of resources removed from the cache after reset