Last Modified (/v1/file/last_modified)

This v1 API method is scheduled for deprecation October 1, 2017. Where possible, use File API v2

Returns information about when a file was last modified for a particular locale, and allows you to filter by lastModified date and/or locale so that you can download only those files changed since their last download.



apiKey (required)

The API Key for your account. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

projectId (required)

The unique ID for your project. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

fileUri (required)

Value that uniquely identifies the file.

lastModifiedAfter (optional)

Limits the return to only those file and locale combinations that have a lastModified date after the parameter lastModifiedAfter. The items array will be empty if the file has not been modified in any of the locales since the lastModifiedAfter date specified. The date should be formatted according to Date Format.

locale (optional)

Filters the response to only the specified locale. You can find the list of locale codes for your project in the Smartling Dashboard.

    "items" : [{

        "locale": "fr-FR",
        "lastModified": "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss"
     { ... }]


Array of locale and lastModified dates.


Smartling locale identifier


The time and date the file was last modified - YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.