Get Translations (/v1/file/get-translations)

This v1 API method is scheduled for deprecation October 1, 2017. Where possible, use File API v2

Temporarily uploads a file, then returns a translated version for requested locales.

This call can be used instead of a standard upload/download if you keep different versions of a file in multiple branches or are triggering rebuilds, and don’t want your files in Smartling to be overwritten by out-of-date versions of a file.

To use the call, you upload a file and identify the Smartling URI where the main version of that file is saved. Smartling will match strings shared between the uploaded file and the main file and return any available translations.


apiKey (required)

The API Key for your account. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

projectId (required)

The unique ID for your project. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

file (required)

The file contents to upload. This should be submitted via a multipart/form-data POST request.

fileUri (required)

Identifies an existing file in Smartling. Smartling will create namespace, directives and instructions for the temporary file based on this file.

locale (optional)

Filters the response to only the specified locale. You can find the list of locale codes for your project in the Smartling Dashboard. The all value is supported for CSV files


200 OK
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="fname.ext"
translated file contents