Export Translation Memory

This v1 API method is scheduled for deprecation March 1, 2017. Where possible, use File API v2

Note: The ability to export Translation Memory is now available from the Smartling Dashboard.

The Smartling Translations API allows you to download all your Smartling Translations in UTF-8 encoded TMX format (sample file). You can download published translations only, or all approved translations.

URLs have the following base: https://api.smartling.com/v1

It is important to check the HTTP response status code. If Smartling finds and returns the file normally, you will receive a 200 SUCCESS response. If you receive any other response status code than 200, the requested file will not be part of the response.


apiKey (required)

The API Key for your account. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

projectId (required)

The unique ID for your project. Available in the Smartling dashboard at Project Settings>API.

locale (required)

A locale identifier specified in project setup. If no locale is specified, Smartling returns the original content. You can find the list of locales for your project on the Smartling dashboard at: https://dashboard.smartling.com/settings/api

format (required)

The format for the desired download. Currently only the value TMX is allowed.

dataSet (optional)

Allowed values:

  • full (default) indicates that Smartling returns all approved content for the locale, translated or not translated. If the content is not translated, the translation value of the downloaded file is blank.
  • published indicates that Smartling only returns published content in the downloaded file.


A translated file with the following response header:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="[locale]-[dataSet].tmx"

where locale and dataSet are your specified parameters.